Test: Patchwork Beach Blanket

The other day, my Mum and myself were going through our beach towels, throwing away the ones that we never used. That’s when my Mum had an amazing idea: to make a beach blanket out of the towels! As she normally waits on the sand, this was the perfect option to allow her to sit … Continue reading

Test: Biscornu

One of my friends has recently brought in her latest project – Biscornus. Biscornu is a French term for quirky and while these projects may be unusual, I find them much more intriguing and like little rays of happiness! They are like beautiful pincushions and I loved them so much that I got one of … Continue reading

Kitchen Window Quilt

I finally have my quilt back from the gammill and am very excited to show you all the nearly finished product! For the quilt pattern, I used the “Kitchen Window” pattern from the Quilting Book that I have used since starting my quilting adventure: For this pattern, instead of making it random, I made it … Continue reading

See-through Nest/Egg Balls

After talking to a lady about a project she was making, I was super inspired to try and make  my own version. I have heard though that it was featured in Better Homes and Gardens to make an Easter basket but I am not sure what it looks like. For these eggs, I used Country … Continue reading

Bunny Slippers!

I made a pair of these about a year ago and absolutely loved them. After my friend saw them, she loved them so much, that I decided to make another pair to give to her as a birthday present. To make the slippers, I went over to tiny owl knits and found the adorable pattern … Continue reading

Sheep Brooches

I am a massive fan of brooches and love sheep so I thought a couple of days ago to put the two together and the sheep brooch was created! The first type I made did not have a double layer of felt which did not make it as stable as the second version: The second … Continue reading

Flower Loom Blanket

After seeing the lovely flower loom creations in Better Homes and Gardens Australia, I decided to invest in a Clover flower loom and get to work to make my own flower loom blanket! To buy my flower loom, I went to eBay after finding that in Australia, the Clover product cost about $30-$40 and ended … Continue reading

Knitted Keyrings

I bought this lovely knitting book a while ago from the amazing Sew and Tell in Berry and couldn’t wait to start making the adorable characters inside! To start off, I decided to make a practice one (as seen in the yellow) and found that the pattern was very simple and effective. I made my … Continue reading