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Test: Chair Upholstery Verdict

I have finally gotten around to completing my chair upholstery and this is my result: To start off, I bought a chair from the Salvation Army. Then I pulled apart the original insert, removing all wadding and replacing it with high density foam from Clark Rubber. Once that was done, I got my tools together … Continue reading

Tufting Research Success!

While trying to complete my next upholstered stool, I found that I had no idea how to approach a chesterfield/deep buttoning/tufting look. So after searching the internet high and low, I finally found a website that provides detailed instructions on how to make a tufted headboard, explaining how to make the buttons and how to … Continue reading

Chair Insert Upholstery

I am in the upholstery mood at the moment (as you can probably tell!) and I was lucky enough to find a chair from the Salvation Army for only $10. I have been looking for one of these types of chairs as it has the insert on the seat of the chair which means it … Continue reading

Update: Stool Upholstery

So I have finally got around to continuing my test – trying to upholster my bargain stool using a chesterfield/tufting/deep buttoning look. After pulling apart the stool back to nothing, I bought some 2″ foam from Clark Rubber for the top and 12mm foam to cover the sides so it will be soft if someone kicks … Continue reading

The Blank Slate

Today I started pulling apart my bargain stool to start the process of reholstering. To begin, I pulled all the staples out of the bottom using a flat head screwdriver and pliers for the parts that were really stuck into the wood. To make it easier, I removed the legs of the stool which I am … Continue reading

Stool Upholstery

A couple of weeks ago, I went to the Salvation Army and was able to find a great bargain – two stools for $10 each! After hastily purchasing them, I realised I had never upholstered anything and was confused as to where to begin. So, I decided that I would just plough in and have a … Continue reading