Test: Crochet Slippers


When I bought Issue 19 of Mollie Makes, I immediately knew that I would test out my crochet skills and make the ‘Sunday Slippers’.


I liked the way it only used crochet squares, making it easier for a beginner crocheter. Even though I followed all the instructions (which were very well set out and easy to understand), used the right sized hook and had the foot size that it was designed for; the slippers turned out extremely large and were even too big for my Dad to wear!




While this result was disappointing, my Mum suggested to put the slippers in the washing machine and see how they would go being felted. While I was a bit apprehensive, the slippers would be impractical otherwise so I put them in for 40 minutes on a cotton type of wash cycle with some washing powder. Luckily, the slippers turned out perfectly and were exactly the right size! The only downside on my pair was that I used acrylic yarn for the top edging which did not felt properly.



I was so impressed that I decided to make a pair for my Mum, Granma and Nan who luckily love them and are constantly wearing them!





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