Test: Fabric Origami Bukuro Bag

The other day I needed to make a  Secret Santa present and so I decided to look through all my old Get Creative magazines in search of the perfect project when I landed upon a Brother advertisement:


As the recipient had just bought a Japanese quilting book, I thought that this would be the perfect gift! It is based completely on folding 2 fat quarters and then sewing up the sides of the bag and adding the ribbon ties.




I am happy with the end result and luckily the lady was too! But I did find a few problems with the pattern. As seen below, it asked for the bag’s bottom corners to be folded in yet it did not suggest to remove the thick excess left behind by the multiple layers of fabric (I ended up overlocking the excess). Also, as I was folding the bag together, it gave dimensions that stopped the bag from being functional 0nce it was sewn together. Instead, I had to maneouvre the fabric until it resembled something of an envelope before I sewed it together to allow the folds at the front of the bag to act like the pockets in the picture.


Either than that communication problem, the bag is quite cute and the pockets are large enough to put things in without them falling out. Success!!!


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