Test: Handmade Advent Calendar

This year, after much heartache, I have finally decided to give up on the chocolate Advent Calendar and move onto a picture Advent Calendar! After a couple of weeks searching for a cute Advent Calendar, I found that you couldn’t buy them anywhere and so decided to make my own!

After surfing the web to find some inspiration, I also found a printable Advent Calendar PDF that meant I didn’t have to do all the hard work. I downloaded the PDF and got to work with some quick decorating. The PDF can be found here: http://makinglemonadeblog.com/countdown-til-christmas-printable/ and it can also be downloaded on Scribd at: http://www.scribd.com/collections/2610693/Printable-Advent-Calendar.

In the PDF, there are three different calendars so I thought that I should make all three to see what they looked like. To decorate, I used coloured paper as well as Christmas paper that matched each of the Calendars for the borders. To put the Calendars together, I used 6mm foam tape around each of the windows so that it wouldn’t be as hard to open them. For the outer edges of the paper and attaching the borders, I used just normal double sided tape.

Each calendar has its own theme – retro Christmas, vintage Santa photos and col0urful clipart Christmas images. I am going to give the other two away; one to my brother and the other to my Grandma. I can’t wait for the 1st of December so I can finally open the first door!


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