Test: Chair Upholstery Verdict

I have finally gotten around to completing my chair upholstery and this is my result:

To start off, I bought a chair from the Salvation Army. Then I pulled apart the original insert, removing all wadding and replacing it with high density foam from Clark Rubber. Once that was done, I got my tools together – drill cotton fabric (about half a metre), staples and a staple gun.

Once that was done, I just laid my fabric over the insert and stapled down one side. I then moved to the opposite side and pulled until I had the right tension and stapled that part down. The hardest part is getting the corners to look nice when folding the fabric down!

Afterwards, I polished the chair with wood polish as it was quite scratched and luckily most of the scratches came off. This would have been a problem if they hadn’t as I didn’t want to sand it back and destory the veneer surfaces.

I really like the way the chair turned out and it was very easy to upholster. Now it has become the sewing chair and has been placed in the sewing room!


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