Test: Patchwork Beach Blanket

The other day, my Mum and myself were going through our beach towels, throwing away the ones that we never used. That’s when my Mum had an amazing idea: to make a beach blanket out of the towels! As she normally waits on the sand, this was the perfect option to allow her to sit on something and not let the towels used to dry us off to become sandy. So, we got to work.

Firstly, all the trims were removed from the towels. Then, I measured the width of all the towels and found the smallest one. I divided that shortest length in 2 and made that the size of the squares to be used in the patchwork blanket. In this case, when halved, the length was 40cm, so I just cut 40 cm squares from all of the towels. Once that was done, all sides were overlocked (except for the actual binded towel edges) as the towelling was very messy! Next, the squares were layed out and pinned together. When we layed out the squares, we put the already binded corner squares in the corners and the binded side squares on the edges. The squares were then all sewn together and ta da! The beach blanket was complete!


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