Posted in November 2012

More Needle Felted Dogs!

Recently I was commissioned by my Grandma (if that counts!) to make some more needle felted dogs for Christmas presents to send away overseas. Of course, I jumped at the chance since I have learnt to love the technique. I tried to make these ones boyish as they were for some younger boys and I … Continue reading

Test: Handmade Advent Calendar

This year, after much heartache, I have finally decided to give up on the chocolate Advent Calendar and move onto a picture Advent Calendar! After a couple of weeks searching for a cute Advent Calendar, I found that you couldn’t buy them anywhere and so decided to make my own! After surfing the web to find … Continue reading

Test: Chair Upholstery Verdict

I have finally gotten around to completing my chair upholstery and this is my result: To start off, I bought a chair from the Salvation Army. Then I pulled apart the original insert, removing all wadding and replacing it with high density foam from Clark Rubber. Once that was done, I got my tools together … Continue reading

Test: Patchwork Beach Blanket

The other day, my Mum and myself were going through our beach towels, throwing away the ones that we never used. That’s when my Mum had an amazing idea: to make a beach blanket out of the towels! As she normally waits on the sand, this was the perfect option to allow her to sit … Continue reading