Test: Biscornu

One of my friends has recently brought in her latest project – Biscornus. Biscornu is a French term for quirky and while these projects may be unusual, I find them much more intriguing and like little rays of happiness! They are like beautiful pincushions and I loved them so much that I got one of the patterns and decided to try them out myself. The pattern I chose was called “Variegated Lattice,” mostly for its bright colourful nature. This pattern was from the amazing book: “Teach Yourself to Make Biscornu” which has a range of lovely patterns.

As I only had the embroidery pattern and no access to the book, I went online to find out how to put the biscornu together. This site had the best instructions in teaching how to put the two embroidered pieces together: http://lhfinishingschool.wordpress.com/biscornu-class/.

I love the gorgerous nature of these projects and can’t wait to start another. There are heaps of free biscornu patterns online and many different technqiues that have been used. On one of the biscornus my friend completed, she created her own beaded trim which I decided to attempt on my biscornu. To do this when putting the two sides together, I would whipstitch once, thread on a bead, whipstitch with that bead, whipstitch, add a bead and repeat until the end.

To get the effect, I used variegated thread from Anchor which provided the rainbow look in the middle. I also used 18 count Aida cloth instead of the recommended 16 which didn’t make too much difference, it just made the Biscornu smaller.


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