Kitchen Window Quilt

I finally have my quilt back from the gammill and am very excited to show you all the nearly finished product!

For the quilt pattern, I used the “Kitchen Window” pattern from the Quilting Book that I have used since starting my quilting adventure:

For this pattern, instead of making it random, I made it so that each of the 9 windows was looking out onto its own floral garden, with each one having its own style. For the quilting, I picked the meandering feather design as it was more of a medium sized design which I felt worked really well with the design as it wasn’t too much.

And with the backing, I still went with the floral theme, using a bluey-grey fabric that had purple flowers so it matched the front borders.

For the binding, I am going to use the purple border fabric. Originally I was going to create a scalloped border but since I have gotten the quilt back, I realised that I didn’t make the outer border large enough to put the scallop in. But, I think it is going to look just as good anyway!


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