See-through Nest/Egg Balls

After talking to a lady about a project she was making, I was super inspired to try and make  my own version. I have heard though that it was featured in Better Homes and Gardens to make an Easter basket but I am not sure what it looks like. For these eggs, I used Country Cotton crochet thread, water balloons and glue. To start off, I blew up the water balloons (which is extremely hard so I recommend using normal balloons). I then covered the balloons in glue and then started wrapping the thread around the eggs. I tried to make sure that when the balloon was removed, the thread wouldn’t fall apart. Once I was happy, I then applied glue all over the upper surface and hung them to dry using the lip of the balloon and pegs. I was able to make 3 or 4 small eggs out of one ball of cotton.

The lady I was talking to used these as light decorations by putting fairy lights inside which I thought was a great idea except I couldn’t find any cheap fairy lights at the time. For mine, I just strung them together using hemp tape.

The hardest part though is once the egg is dry. It is very fiddly popping the balloon and trying to remove it without wrecking the outside.

Overall, I think that this is a very simple but fun project and I really like how they have turned out!


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