Sunflower Amigurumi

So I finally decided to start the sunflower amigurumi that began my crochet quest! Before I started though, I did watch a few videos to help me with things I was unsure of. I did not know how to decrease in crochet and ended up using this great video: was also unsure of how to bind off and weave my ends in, so I used this video: The project was very easy to complete and I found it only took me a night to finish it off.

Unfortunately, I did have a few concerns that disappointed me as I completed the project. Firstly, the kit provided you with the wool but when I made the pot, you were supposed to double chain around for the last ten rows of the pot. With my wool, I only just made it to the end of the 9th row before I couldn’t go any further as you can see here:

This was surprsising as my tension is quite tight and there was enough wool for the other parts but this has led to me to think that if someone else made this with a looser tension, they probably wouldn’t be able to make the entire thing. The other thing that I wasn’t too happy with was the joining of the sunflower to the grass. I originally thought that there would be a stem type of thing that would join but instead the ball of the sunflower was just joined to the grass:

While I find the finished product cute, I would probably not recommend this kit.


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