Knitted Keyrings

I bought this lovely knitting book a while ago from the amazing Sew and Tell in Berry and couldn’t wait to start making the adorable characters inside! To start off, I decided to make a practice one (as seen in the yellow) and found that the pattern was very simple and effective. I made my character using needles half a size bigger than required and really liked how it turned out. I then began making them as presents for my girls basketball team in our team colours – black and pink. This time, I changed back to the right size needle but found that they didn’t look as good because the features such as the arms, eyes and mouth looked sort of squished! But I really do like the pattern and how effective the characters have turned out.

The other project from the book that I made was some orange bread and I am very happy with it – especially the curved tops which were made first and then joined together. While this was originally daunting, it was very easy to complete. I have put keyrings on all of the products as a finishing touch.

I love this book and can’t wait to make more of the projects!


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