Flower Loom Blanket

After seeing the lovely flower loom creations in Better Homes and Gardens Australia, I decided to invest in a Clover flower loom and get to work to make my own flower loom blanket! To buy my flower loom, I went to eBay after finding that in Australia, the Clover product cost about $30-$40 and ended up getting one for about $8.

Source: http://au.lifestyle.yahoo.com/better-homes-gardens/craft/articles/a/-/14504954/crochet-craft-and-looming/ – This site has a instructions to make your own flowers using a flower loom (http://au.lifestyle.yahoo.com/better-homes-gardens/craft/how-to/h/-/14253814/how-to-use-a-flower-loom/) and lots of projects you can make such as a flower scarf.

Once, I had the flower loom, I looked at the instructions provided and started to make 100 flowers. Unfortunately, once I got to the end, I realised I had looked at the pillow requirements and had made about 1/4 of the necessary flowers. At that point, I decided that I did not want to make anymore so arranged the ones I had and was pleasantly suprised with the result!

In the end, I didn’t really use the instructions from the magazine, I  just used the pictures as inspiration. To make the blanket I used 101 flowers and two cheap polar fleece blankets. After laying the flowers out, I hand sewed them down and then machine sewed the backing blanket to the front, leaving a gap, clipping corners, turning right side out and hand stitching the hole back up. Unfortunately, since making the blanket a few of the flowers have fallen off so I have re-stitched them on using doubled-over thread.


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