Bunny Slippers!

I made a pair of these about a year ago and absolutely loved them. After my friend saw them, she loved them so much, that I decided to make another pair to give to her as a birthday present.

To make the slippers, I went over to tiny owl knits and found the adorable pattern (Hopsalots) at her shop. I then passed the pattern over to my Grandma (because she knits much much faster than me) and had the foundations of the slippers created. The pattern provided is very comprehensive and very well set out, making it easy to follow and understand, especially the last part, the hand felting. Once the slippers were sewn up, I got my felting supplies together – hot water, soap and bucket and got to work.

Overall, it took me about two hours to do the hand felting for the slippers. The first time I did it, I did not use gloves and ended up ripping my hands to shreds and was in a bit of pain for the next week. This time though, I used gloves and it made the task much easier.

I love the project and I love the pattern and its overall simplicity. The slippers have turned out beautifully and are very comfortable to wear!


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