Test: Learning How To Crochet!

Last year I decided, after longingly looking at amigurumi patterns and toys on the internet and at markets, I would have a go at finally learning how to crochet and make my own amigurumi things. So to start myself off, I went to Spotlight and bought a kit:

I loved the cuteness of this project and couldn’t wait to start. However, when I opened the box, there was only instructions for people who already knew how to crochet. Dejected, I tried to learn crochet but just couldn’t seem to get it right so I put the box away in the cupboard.

A few months ago, I went to a sewing night where my friend and I decided we would learn how to crochet. There I learnt how to chain, single crochet and double crochet (AUS/UK terminology) from another lady who also provided me with instructions that were super simple but very comprehensive in teaching every little thing for each chain. Inspired, I went on ebay and bought a fairly old book for a few dollars.

For the past few months, I have been busy (as most people are) and so put crochet on the backburner. But last week, I decided it was time to learn it once and for all. Using the book, I went ahead and made samples of the different types of chains until I was satifisfied that I had the basics.

Feeling pretty happy, I then went on to make Granny Squares, trying to dispel the fear of crochet and its complicated patterns and ended up successfully making them (with a bit of help from my Mum who had taught herself crochet the previous year). And this was the result:

I am very happy with this book and its simple, detailed instructions and can’t wait to build up my skills in order to make the sunflower!


4 thoughts on “Test: Learning How To Crochet!

  1. I have just learned to crochet too and I can recommend a really good book to help learn new techniques which are very well explained….Jan Eaton’s 200 Crochet Blocks ISBN 978-0-7153-2141-6. I’m having great fun with this……Your first efforts look great so keep going 😀

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