Chair Insert Upholstery

I am in the upholstery mood at the moment (as you can probably tell!) and I was lucky enough to find a chair from the Salvation Army for only $10. I have been looking for one of these types of chairs as it has the insert on the seat of the chair which means it can easily be changed to suit the room it is put in. While it was a bit bashed up, I think it will be an easy fix.

To start off, I took out the insert and pulled it apart, taking off the previous owners’ fabric and wadding. I then went to Clark Rubber and bought about 1″ thickĀ foam and used contact adhesive glue to stick it to the wooden base.

Now, I just have to pick the fabric I am going to use for the top and staple it down. Once that is done, I am going to sand down the chair to get rid of all the scratches and marks and re-varnish it. This is all practice for the big upholster: The Green Chair!


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