Saxophone Cushion

It is my friends birthday coming up and I knew I had to come up with an amazing present. I know that she plays the saxophone so I decided to make her a saxophone that she could hug all the time and leave out in the open rather than keeping it inside its case. The result was the saxophone cushion:

To make the cushion, I first went onto Google Images and selected the most appropriate clip art style saxophone I could find. Using the picture as my base, I drew up my own saxophone and made it as the pattern. I then cut out the template in the gold felt as well as cutting out the hole and mouthpiece in black. Then I blanket stitched the mouthpiece and hole to the gold felt before blanket stitching the whole saxophone to the black background felt which I had already cut out in the shape of the saxophone, just 3cm larger to create an outline. At this time, I also did the 3D effect by blanket stitching around the hole and down the side of the saxophone. For the stitching, I used DMC colour 310 and used 2 strands as I thought it would give the cushion the right amount of depth.  I then cut out the recipients name in the gold felt and stitched it down with a running stitch to complete the look. Finally I machine stitched the front to the back (which is an exact replica of the front black outline) clipped corners, turned the cushion through and stuffed the it.

I am really excited with how this has turned out and I can’t wait to see how she likes it!


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