Test: Hexagon Paper Piecing

A couple of weeks ago, I bought some hexagon paper piecing templates after receiving Tacha Bruecher’s new hexagon paper piecing book: Hexa Go-go. Finally, I have had the opportunity to have a go at it!

As I read Tacha’s basic instructions, I was very pleased as they were easily set out with lovely visuals that clearly explained the processes. The diagrams were big enough to show all the details needed and she provides a few different options to make the hexagons, depending on your personal preference. As a beginner, I decided just to use her favourite methods and found that they were very easy to complete. As she says, it is a really relaxing hand sewing activity that you can do anywhere and that is what I love! I have been doing a lot of it in front of the TV as it is something you don’t really have to concentrate on yet it keeps your hands busy.

For the hexagons, I used the whipstitching method as even though you can see it a little bit on the front, it is the easiest way to join the hexagons and I don’t find it too noticeable if the right colour thread is used.

Overall, I am very happy with this book and her guide to hexagon paper piecing! It is a great book with lots of fantastic projects that I can’t wait to start. Now I just have to do something with the hexagons I have made . . . .


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