Needle Felting Success!

Over the past couple of years, I have tried and tried to needle felt (a lot of the time unsuccessfully) but through a few new additions, I have finally been able to make it work! To begin the process, I tried to make a needle felted bear from Mollie Makes issue 16 but near the end, I just couldn’t get it to work. So I decided to buy new tools from Clover, in the hope that it would make things easier in comparison to the single needle and foam block I was originally working with.

Once I had these products, I turned to the project I wanted to make – the cover star of Issue 9’s Mollie Makes; a cute little dog; and set to work.

The instructions provided in the magazine made it much easier to needle felt as it explicitly stated the amount of wool roving to use. This was important for me as other projects I have attempted haven’t and I have consequently never made them the correct shape. This ended up with my projects turning out flat because not enough roving was used in the right spots because I didn’t know how to approach it. Now, I have found that the new tools I bought are so easy to use and make the job much quicker to complete than the one needle I used to use. Overall, the instructions and tools were a total success but I know that the only way that I will improve is through practice. I can’t wait to keep needle felting!

Unfortunately, the only downside was that I used white roving so my dog ended up looking a lot like a polar bear but it is still pretty cute anyway!


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