The Near-Finished Quilt

Yesterday I was able to get my first “proper” quilt back from Hobbysew.  They did the machine quilting, sandwiching my quilt top, wadding and backing altogether in a lovely butterfly and flower design. I am very excited with how my quilt has turned out:

To make my quilt, I used a Robert Hoffman Bali Pop- “Pink Lemonade” and used the pattern “Valentine” from the book:

My only problem is the last step – the binding. When I put my quilt in to be quilted, I had bought some binding fabric but now I am not so sure about it. Instead I have chosen to use the backing as my binding fabric as well. As you can see, I think the green fabric was a bit too muddy to suit the whole quilt.

I am very excited to see how my binding turns out as I use the instructions which are very clearly set out in the book, alongside close-up photos of the process. Binding review: coming soon!


2 thoughts on “The Near-Finished Quilt

  1. Those are great colors. You are right about the green. I think the purple has way more pop. I love purple anyway so maybe I am biased.

    My mom started quilting recently and watching her make things has been amazing. Yours looks great!

    By the way, thanks for stopping by at my blog. 🙂

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