Quick and Easy Cross-Stitch

The timber cross-stitch from Make-it is super fast and very easy to complete. It provides you with 6 different charts to choose from as well as an alphabet chart, providing a needle and enough thread to do any of the charts provided. In my kit, I chose the mushroom but instead, I could have completed a fox, rainbow, lady bug, butterfly or owl. One of the most genius parts of this kit is the backing. You are given a felt backing with adhesive on one side so it is super easy to place onto your finished project, making it look clean and effortless. The instructions in this project are very good for beginners as it provides a diagram on how to cross stitch as well as a very detailed written explanation.

The only downfall to this project is that it can be a bit pricey for how small the actual cross-stitch is but the results speak for themselves. Also, it is way to fast to finish – it only took me about 20 minutes to complete! But there are other shapes and sizes in the kit so next time I will probably buy a bigger one. Next step: put a brooch back on and voila! A new brooch!


5 thoughts on “Quick and Easy Cross-Stitch

  1. I bought mine from a shop called Hobbysew but I have found that you cannot buy it from their online shop. I looked around and found another online shop which does have international shipping and has the owl, love heart, babushka and flower kits: http://www.thehabygoddess.bigcartel.com/category/cross-stitch
    I realised that Make It is actually made by Leutenegger and that was the only way I could find it (after looking at the packaging) and they advertise it here: http://www.leutenegger.com.au/WhatsNew/tabid/128/Default.aspx

  2. These timber cross stitch items come as KITS or just the SHAPE, the brand is called [make it] and is designed in Australia by us – Leutenegger!!
    You’ve done a wonderful job stitching this mushroom Kate – we’ve featured it on our facebook page!

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