Crafty Goodies!

Today I was lucky enough to happen upon some great buys. From Milk Thieves, I was able to buy some beautiful trims. While I have no plans for projects with them at the moment, I love the spools they come in and am quite happy to have them on display in my sewing room as inspiration! I also purchased a new cross-stitch by Make-it. It is really cool as it uses wood for the base of the cross-stitch, allowing you to create an image in the centre. While I chose the flower, it also comes in a circle, babushka shape and and owl. I can’t wait to cross-stitch my design in the middle (I am thinking of creating a brooch out of it). Finally, my book came from the UK – Tacha Bruecher’s Hexa Go-Go. Just by flicking through it, I am already inspired to make pretty much every project out of the book and quite excited to learn English paper piecing. Unfortunately I did not realise it was all done through hand stitching but either way I am still eager! Fingers crossed it all goes to plan!


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