Stool Upholstery

A couple of weeks ago, I went to the Salvation Army and was able to find a great bargain – two stools for $10 each! After hastily purchasing them, I realised I had never upholstered anything and was confused as to where to begin. So, I decided that I would just plough in and have a go at making it. To do so, I used  about a 2″ thick foam on the top with 12mm thick foam around the edges which I stuck to the stool with bonding glue. To hold the fabric down, I used a staple gun and LOTS of staples. And so, this was my final product:

But, as you can see, there are flaws such as my finishing of the stool. As I stapled the fabric down, I forgot to pull the legs off and ended up stapling around them. This meant that I was unable to create a nice clean, sharp edge as you can see here:

Now I am excited to start my second stool as I am thinking of doing a chesterfield look but first I will research how to do it properly – finishes and all!


3 thoughts on “Stool Upholstery

  1. Wow I love the finished product. I recently bought a settee from a charity shop with the intention of recovering it but am stumped at where to start. This post has inspired me to pull the throws off and have another look. Thank you x

  2. Thank you so much! I am so glad and I can’t wait to see your finished product! Have fun making it and take your time – as you can see with my recent stool upholstery I have done more thinking than creating – that’s always the hardest part!

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