Posted in August 2012

Quick and Easy Cross-Stitch

The timber cross-stitch from Make-it is super fast and very easy to complete. It provides you with 6 different charts to choose from as well as an alphabet chart, providing a needle and enough thread to do any of the charts provided. In my kit, I chose the mushroom but instead, I could have completed … Continue reading

Crafty Goodies!

Today I was lucky enough to happen upon some great buys. From Milk Thieves, I was able to buy some beautiful trims. While I have no plans for projects with them at the moment, I love the spools they come in and am quite happy to have them on display in my sewing room as … Continue reading

Stool Upholstery

A couple of weeks ago, I went to the Salvation Army¬†and was able to find a great bargain – two stools for $10 each! After hastily purchasing them, I realised I had never upholstered anything and was confused as to where to begin. So, I decided that I would just plough in and have a … Continue reading

First Project Complete!

I have finally finished the Scooter Cross-Stitch from Permin. For something as quick and easy as this project, it was simple and clearly explained with heaps of thread provided (you could nearly make two!). And the result is lovely! I would definitely recommend this project. One downfall would be they don’t explain how to actually … Continue reading

Scooter Cross-Stitch

My first test is quite simple, a cross-stitch from Permin. What drew me to this cross-stitch was the bright pop of colour against the monochrome background. I also love the vast quantity of blank sections which means it is a quick project to complete.

Welcome to limemilkshake!

Hi everyone and welcome to limemilkshake – a world where all patterns¬†will be tried and tested in search of the best instructions created for beginners. As a beginner sewer, I am constantly looking for fun and invigorating projects that are simply explained and easy to accomplish. Yet, I feel as though I am constantly encountering … Continue reading